We proudly present water-based Trade Strip X-Tex® Textured Coating Remover

Ideal for trade and industrial use


The original and the best! Some competitive products try to imitate us by making theirs the same colour! Don’t be fooled.

Researched, developed and manufactured in the UK

Trade Strip X-Tex® allows the removal of textured coatings such as *Artex® without causing dust from harmful asbestos fibres. Formulated from the most advanced, patented water-based technology using “science not solvents”. Widely used throughout the licensed asbestos removal industry. Ideal for use in sensitive and occupied premises such as homes, hospitals and schools.

Some plaster-type textured coatings (mainly sold before the mid-1980’s) may contain harmful asbestos fibres, Minimal VOC content (0.00000.4%, as certified by independent laboratory detection test).

*registered Trade Mark of BPB UK Ltd.


Product Features

Water-based – “Tough not toxic” – Non Hazardous – Non Toxic – Non Caustic – PH Neutral – No Fumes – No Skin Burns – Non Flammable – Non Combustible – Clings 100% to all surfaces – Keeps wet for long periods – No “R” (Risk) or “S” (Safety) phrases.

Size Availability

Available in 2.5 litre, 5 litre and 15 litre tubs.


Bonded and Non bonded textured coatings – Painted wallpapers – Textured paints.

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