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Painting and Paint Stripping Services
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We are the official Australia distributor of TRADE STRIP® PAINT REMOVER products. Researched, developed and manufactured in the UK. Trade Strip paint and varnish remover is a revolutionary unique patented water-based paint stripper using “science not solvents” that is safer to its user and the environment than conventional hazardous solvents.
Chloride free alkaline poultice made from 70% recycled materials. Each product gives a completely simple application, making your building, business or home improvement tasks straightforward, streamlined and easy. Try the difference today.
Allbäck natural, solvent free, environmentally friendly paint and associated products available in Australia with Sydney Paint Stripping PTY LTD!


Eddie and his team at Sydney Paint Stripping were absolute professionals. We required layers of old lead paint to be stripped off the original brick facade of our federation home, as well as layers of paint to be stripped off delicate sandstone window sills. Eddie and his team were extremely careful and meticulous at removing the paint whilst protecting the integrity of the brickwork and sandstone. We were very impressed and would absolutely recommend Eddie and his experienced professional team at Sydney Paint Strippers for even the most delicate paint stripping work.

Eddie and his team at Sydney Ropes Access Professionals also did an absolutely amazing job painting our house. Many areas of our house could not be accessed by scaffolding, but Eddie’s team of experienced ropes professionals were experts in gaining access to all the difficult areas. The Sydney Ropes Access Professionals were able to paint our very steep roof gables and our extremely tall chimney without the need for expensive scaffolding. We were so pleased with the result. Not only did Eddie and his Sydney Ropes Access Professionals team do a fantastic job, they also saved time and the cost of scaffolding. So many people have commented on our home, and I have been only to pleased to recommend Eddie and his experienced team for any difficult access job.

Alice Smith, Mosman

Case Studies

Sydney Central Train Station

Professional High Pressure Cleaning

Sydney Paint Stripping team is specialised in removing old coating like lead paint or any other failed coating, from any metal, wood or masonry surface, also cleaning sandstone facades, boats furniture or other delicate objects or surface.

Sydney Paint Stripping Pty Ltd with over 10 year of experience, can supply proven products and services. Weather it's an old or a new building that needs surface cleaning, our Heritage-trained team can provide the product, technique and knowledge to help you achieve the desire results when removing coatings that over the years have collected pollutants.

Sydney Central Train Station is just one of our challenging works.

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Professional High Pressure Cleaning

Complete Cleaning Services

Please contact us for all our products that are for sale or hire. You can save $$$, and achieve desired results when you need sandstone restoration or paint stripping for your building.

Coating Removal & Lead Abatement

Lead Paint Removal at Byron Bay Light House

We specialise in removing paint safely, using only the safest methods and products to strip lead paint.

Currently, a dangerous health hazard waits silently in Australian homes. This hidden danger could be in your doors, window frames, skirting boards, walls, ceiling or even your cupboards.

This danger is lead based paint. Exposure to lead will harm your health.

You could even risk the health of your family, children, neighbours and pets without even knowing it. During the paint stripping or paint removal process, if your home has lead based paint, lead particles are released into the air or can contaminate your soil.

Imagine the potential dangers of someone inhaling or digesting these lead particles. Even the smallest amount of dust or chips that contain lead can be a health nightmare.

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Lead Paint Removal at Byron Bay Light House

Get the lead out of your home

We remove paint from the interior & exterior without allowing it to contaminate the rest of your property.

Sand Blasting & Paint Stripping

Heritage buildings at the College of Fine Arts, University of NSW

Our experience, knowledge and customer focus ensure the very best service and results for all your paint stripping and restoration needs.

We have developed paint removers and paint stripping processes for masonry paint, textured paint removers, varnish strippers and products for removing everything from graffiti and paint, to polyurethane finishes and cardinal red floor paint.

Sandblasting Services is an industrial and domestic blast cleaning, brick and stonework. We use high performance equipment to clean, restore and protect all types of buildings, structures and fabrications. With a proven track-record of successfully tackling many seemingly impossible blast cleaning projects.

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Heritage buildings at the College of Fine Arts, University of NSW

The cleaning of brickwork and stone

We are a contractor you can trust to complete your work satisfactorily and efficiently with consideration for the environment. Our belief is that you should "Expect The Best".

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